Gaining A New Perspective

What We Can Do For You?


High Cam offers access to bespoke, high quality aerial photographs and films taken at dates to suit you, the customer. We fly an unmanned, aerial vehicle (UAV) fitted with a digital HD camera to achieve great results at affordable prices (prices start from as little as £150.00). This technology is ideal for applications such are real-estate photography, architectural inspections, agricultural surveys, weddings and recording - documenting all forms of outdoor events.
We are BNUC-S (Basic National UAS Certificate) qualified, have CAA permission and are fully insured, making us compliant to carry out commercial work (PfCO). If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Sample slideshow showing some of our photographs and photogrammetry.




A short video shot by High Cam incorporating footage from UAV.


For a example of one of our 360 aerial panoramic photographs click here


We also offer time lapse video at just £50.00 per day, great for showing the stages of construction on a building site please call for more info.